Company History

Power Crane Company offers a wide range of Construction equipment and support services. The Project Team performs their responsibility so as to meet the highest degree of professional services and results in all the undertaken projects. Thus, this maintains a mutual trust, credibility, reliability, positive relationship and respect towards our clients, contractors, engineers, subcontractors and suppliers.

About Company

POWER C RANE HAJAJ Company is established in Egypt and Kuwait in 1998 by Hajaj Al-said. It is a professional group which grows rapidly and innovatively, this company is specialized in managing, trading, renting and delivering construction machineries. With the consistent aim of improving and developing services, the company is constantly expanding its worldwide connections. Through the hard work, efficiency and productivity of the company, the Middle East branch was able to construct with the main office in Kuwait .The Company’s location was carefully chosen to fulfill the increasing demands of the market and for a fast accessibility with the resources. Power crane group has been standing persistently and moving towards success to satisfy the global needs for the construction equipment.

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