Company History

Power Crane Company offers a wide range of Construction equipment and support services. The Project Team performs their responsibility so as to meet the highest degree of professional services and results in all the undertaken projects. Thus, this maintains a mutual trust, credibility, reliability, positive relationship and respect towards our clients, contractors, engineers, subcontractors and suppliers.

About Company

POWER C RANE HAJAJ Company is established in Egypt and Kuwait in 1998 by Hajaj Al-said. It is a professional group which grows rapidly and innovatively, this company is specialized in managing, trading, renting and delivering construction machineries. With the consistent aim of improving and developing services, the company is constantly expanding its worldwide connections. Through the hard work, efficiency and productivity of the company, the Middle East branch was able to construct with the main office in Kuwait .The Company’s location was carefully chosen to fulfill the increasing demands of the market and for a fast accessibility with the resources. Power crane group has been standing persistently and moving towards success to satisfy the global needs for the construction equipment.

Vision & Mission

Our vision

“To be the customer’s first choice for their equipment and support needs throughout the market we serve.”

Our Mission

“We are committed to provide competitive products, incomparable prices and professional services continued to satisfy the customers and to establish a positive long lasting relationship.”


A power crane contract was signed with the ASAD company in their eastern location. LIEBHERR 80 HC crane height 70 meters length of arm 45 m Rent period 8 months start date 01/03/207

Services and Equipments

HAJAJ Group offers rental, selling, maintenance and providing spare parts for new and used equipment services, covering the following range:

  • Construction Hoists

  • Concrete Pumps

  • Generators

  • Wheel Loaders

  • Boom Loaders

  • Forklifts

  • Tower Cranes

  • Mobile Hydraulic Cranes

  • Crawler Cranes

Moreover, there are innumerable companies that provide heavy lifting equipment. The company still manages to choose the best units to give and serve the market. POTAIN tower cranes with the high European, Korean and Chinese brand, is one of the major requirements in the market that ensures a prolific service as the brand is known for its worldwide quality. Furthermore, Liebherr tower cranes are marked as well-known brands that come in different types and for different purposes. On the other hand, the company is specialized in different mobile cranes such as TADANO, DEMAG and TEREX units that assure the most efficient services. Finally, hoist with a popular name as GJJ for lifting purposes presents in POWER CRANE stock. We work with fully operational and technical support as well as designing base in tower cranes, cranes and struts. In addition, we provide a feedback for the reaction power and force for both internal and external cleats. We also have the abilities regarding the operations of test and maintenance of equipment as well as dismantling the tower cranes and lifts. We have a workshop which provides high-quality services as well as experts who have proficient solutions in fixing any faults in the workshop or on site. In fact, our experience enables us to satisfy the customer through all quick fixes and high quality services. There is also a section for selling spare parts for all types of construction hoists and notably on tower crane. The quantity of the demand comes with best quality.

Contact Us

Customer service center at Power Crane Group Company aims to maintain the maximum level of customer satisfaction by providing accurate and prompt responses and solutions. It can assist with all questions, problems, concerns and advice related to the equipment or the technical assistance.


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Address & Contact information

For a prompt and accurate response just call : (+965)60090063-65000468
Address : Alfarwaneya, Block 3 – Habib Menawer Street – the commercial Maghatir center, Third Floor – Office No.6
Main administration office :24773201 – 60616464 – Fax:24773202
Maintenance Department: (+965)60090063 – 66440433
Sales Department: 66422688 – 66310062
Spare parts Department: 66310058 – 90093388


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